With our portfolio of methods we cover the whole spectrum of marketing mix elements and all stages of the innovation cycle.In many areas we have established benchmarks for keys performance parameters (e.g. purchase intention, overall liking, novelty) on the basis of numerous studies which we have carried out in different product categories and across different countries.However, we do not settle for applying standard tools and methodologies. Where the survey objective of our clients requires this, we will apply a tailor-made approach. We are also able to develop and programme a new software solution if this is required.

Ideas and Concepts
Idea screening
Concept tests and screening

Product and Packaging
Online Coinjoints
Pricing research
Name and claim research
Shelf test
Packaging test (recognition, design)
Product tests

Communication and Promotions
Copy tests (TV, radio and print)
Promotion evaluation and screenings
Website evaluations

Brand and Positioning
Brand positioning, image and footprint studies
Brand tracking studies

Markt and Consumer Needs
U&A and segmentation studies
Drivers studies
Tracking studies