We can conduct projects for you either as full-service or tailored to meet more specific needs. You decide which of our services, or which module of our offer, best meets your requirements for the individual project.

Specific modules which you can ask for within a project can, for example, be: 

Sample Only

We provide you the sample according to your specification/recruitment criteria for conducting a survey yourself. In this case you would send us the questionnaire readily programmed which we will send together with the invitation email for the survey to the selected sample in our panel. Afterwards you host the survey on your server.

Hosting of Surveys

You provide us your own database of email addresses for conducting your survey/s and we take over the hosting of your survey/s on our server. Of course we will keep your addresses strictly separated from our own panels.

Programming of Questionnaires

If you want to conduct a survey using your own client database and your own server, we can program your off-line questionnaire including all required filters, rotations and incorporation of visual or audio stimulus material.

Data Analysis and Graphical Presentation of Results

We perform the data analysis which you require for your project. This can include frequency counts, data tables, significance tests or multivariate statistical analyses.
On request we can also create a Powerpoint presentation with the results of your survey.


Full Service

Conducting a full-service project comprises all of these individual services plus consultancy regarding the methodology, the size and the structure of the sample, the design of the questionnaire and the stimulus material as well as a debriefing of results in your office.