Precise target groups

We have proprietary, proactively recruited consumer online panels in (Germany, UK and France). This stood at more than 100,000 active panel members. We use our panels exclusively for the purpose of conducting online market research studies.

Due to the comprehensive profiling of our panel members, we are able to conduct online surveys in a targeted manner with consumers in specific product categories (e.g. different food and drink categories, health care, tobacco products, financial services, telecommunication/IT, automotive) as well as with specific target groups (e.g. innovators, frequent travellers, health oriented consumers, mothers of babies).

Through the long-term partnerships we have established over many years with reliable and quality conscious agencies, we are able to conduct high quality online surveys in very many countries.


Recruitment of panel members

Comprehensive profiling of our panel members before including them into our panels is of great importance to us. Everybody has to complete a comprehensive profiling questionnaire before becoming a member of one of our panels.

myonlinepanel has a high share of actively recruited members. In order to provided samples which are representative for the online population we also recruit via

  • Search Engine Advertising
  • Special Interest Websites
  • Social Media

Profiling panel members

In the profiling questionnaire we capture the following information:

  • Attitudes and life style (e.g. health orientation, innovation, trends, spontaneity, individuality, pleasure orientation, style of furnishing)
  • Leisure time behaviour
  • Health
  • Product usage (e.g. food and drink, health products, body care, tobacco products, telecommunications, automotive)
  • Socio-demographics
  • Technical data (e.g. type of online access, internet browser)

For keeping the profiles of our panel members up to date, and thus to be able to recruit correct and precise samples at any time, we update panellist profiles once every 12 months.