Price per Question and Country

The following prices are valid for closed and open ended questions as well as for matrix questions (e.g. statement battery with importance scale) with up to 9 statements.

Depending on the sample size, the net prices per question are:

Sample size n=1,000 n=500
Closed question: 1st and 2nd question: 465,00 €
3rd to 10th question: 345,00 €
1st and 2nd question: 325,00 €
3rd to 10th question: 245,00 €
Open ended question
(incl. coding*)
1st and 2nd question: 690,00 €
3rd to 10th question: 600,00 €
1st and 2nd question: 490,00 €
3rd to 10th question: 410,00 €

* In case you do not need coding of open ended questions - pricing for closed questions apply.

There is no minimum number of questions required for booking our omnibus, so you can place just one single question. However, there is a maximum number of 10 questions which you can place in each omnibus wave.
For tracking questions which are included in several waves, we are happy to submit an individual quotation.

Additional Services (Prices per country)

Production of data tables**: up to 5 questions - 75 Euros
6 and more questions - 125 Euros
Production of Powerpoint charts: up to 5 questions - 100 Euros
6 and more questions - 175 Euros
Inclusion of images: 60 Euros per image
Inclusion of audio/video material: price on request

**includes up to 3 splits per question according to quota variables / cross tabulation and additional splits upon request.

All prices are net, i.e. excluding VAT // last update: 20. January 2014