With our myonlinepanel omnibus you obtain reliable results to your questions in a cost efficient manner within short time. Our omnibus is ideally suited for short surveys, opinion polls on actual topics, measurement of awareness and penetration levels, concept checks or pre-post status comparisons.

We programme your questions and host your data on our server. After completion of fieldwork, we send you the raw data in SPSS-format (alternatively, CSV format). Optionally we can also provide you data tables and/or Powerpoint charts for graphical illustration of the results for a small additional charge.

The Sample Structure of our Omnibus

  • Base: Population 14+ years, online representative
  • Sample size: n=1,000 (net) and n=500 (net)
  • Quota (nach AGOF-Internetfacts): Gender, agegroup, household size, Nielsenregion

In addition we provide a lot more demographic details:

  • Size of community
  • Number of children under 18 in household
  • Age of youngest child
  • Net household income
  • Marital status
  • Education
  • Current profession