Our Team

Our team has long standing market research experience. We have worked as researchers on both sides – in the industry and in agencies. Based on our experience, we are very familiar with different methodologies and research subjects and are able to design and to apply a suitable methodological approach for every consumer research challenge there is.

Due to the large number of international projects which we have carried out, we are also very familiar with the specific circumstances which have to be taken into consideration when conducting research in different countries.

With regard to online surveys, our team has in total more than 15 years of practical experience.

Jörg Rosenbauer

Jörg Rosenbauer

Areas of specialisation:
• U&A and segmentation studies
• Brand image, tracking and footprint studies
• International studies

Dirk Zelzer

Dirk Zelzer

Areas of specialisation:
• Quality and panel management
• Omnibus surveys
• Technical consultancy and questionnaire development
• Image- and Videoprocessing
• Qualitative online surveys (e.g. weblogs)

Stephanie Ruh

Stephanie Behrens

Areas of specialisation:
• In-Home Producttests
• Questionnaire development